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Sunday, 4 November 2012 | 0Superstar (s)!

Yeayy !! Semalam webcam dengan dia,, Oh My God !! I'm so excited.. hahah rasa nak lompat-lompat je. Aku suka when he smile at me, hahah so cute la and gedik pun ada gak sayang.. Tapi sayang, dapat webcam dengan die sekajap je,, tak puas tengok muka die tu .. Aku harap satu hari nanti aku dapat tengok muke ko puas-2 .. heheh #gedik -.-

To my sayang: I just wanna say that day was the best moment and memories in my life. I won't ever forget about that day. I hope that we've another chance to webcam for a long time. 
#okay my English is sucks, at least I tried, -.-

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